What is banya ?

Banya is a unique type of sauna originating from Eastern countries (Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus). The local sauna masters/healers called "banshchik" in this type of sauna were able to heal naturally with the help of knowledge of the human body and the basics of medicine. They use exclusively natural aids, handmade whisks for warming the skin, muscles, joints and joints, dried and fresh herbs for scenting the banya sauna as well as for aromatherapy, teas for external cleansing of the body and boosting energy, alternation of heat and cold for the treatment of arthritis and vascular disease device. Together, your body is cleansed and regenerated together with the repair of affected muscles or sore spots.

The basis of the procedure is usually a 30-60 minute stay in a sauna with a banshchik. Before the procedure, the banshchik will interview you about your ailments and pains, which he will then treat with alternative natural practices. In our banya sauna, we recommend a complete procedure, i.e. 2 x 30 minutes, during which the banshchik warms up all your muscles, massages the skin and superficial muscles with a reflexive massage with whisks. Includes a classic full body massage. The organism is then cooled down in the pool and finally the client is placed in a hot herbal bath for cleansing and herbal aromatherapy. This is followed by falling asleep in the relaxation zone with tea.

Thanks to the intense and slow sauna through the banya procedure, the best way to detoxify your body and the whole organism occurs.It's an old technique, thanks to which the banshchik slowly warms you up and at the same time often cools you down. Thanks to the absence of water, your body gets rid of retained water in the tissues and deposited salts and heavy metals. With this method, the liver, kidneys, intestines and, of course, the lungs and subcutaneous tissue can also be cleansed in the banya sauna.
In our hands, there is never a risk of your body overheating or even becoming dehydrated. Our Banščići have been champions in the field for years and at the same time belong to the leading participants and positions in banya competitions. Thanks to years of experience, thousands of banya procedures and medical knowledge of the human body, you will be in the best and above all the safest hands you can get in the Czech Republic.

We recommend listening to the SAUNAMAGAZIN.CZ podcast with an episode about whisking and sauna (link below) - only in Czech language