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Banya & Natural Sauna event in your wellness center

We will prepare everything to measure and according to the conditions of your wellness center. From demonstrations of banya procedures to natural herbal ceremonies NATURAL SAUNA. Specialization is Norwegian badstu (ceremony lasting 60-120 minutes). The price is for a one-day event with one sauna master. In case of a multi-day event or an event with several sauna masters, the price will be adjusted according to the conditions. Shipping is not included in the price. Cost of procedures and ceremonies are included in the price.

From 250€

Renting a sauna tent for the weekend

You can rent our sauna tent from us. A great addition to your event, celebration, wedding, camping or vacation. The tent includes a sauna stove, stones and folding benches. The price of the tent does not include transport, wood or service. If you would also like our banya master, please contact us through the form.


Training with a workshop for your staff

We will prepare training for your staff from 5 to 20 people. We practice intensive teaching, where, in addition to the explanation, we also include a practical part on dry land, a practical part in the sauna and examination of our students in the theoretical and practical part. The price of our services depends on the complexity and extent of the content. The training focuses on herbal ceremonies and the basics of banya culture. Training is possible both in your center and in the premises of our company in Czech Paradise.

Price according to conditions

Sauna massage

Massage directly in our banya sauna in the Czech paradise. The sauna is heated to 40-50°C for pleasant muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation. For better warming up of your muscles, we apply hot brooms (oak, linden, birch, eucalyptus). The massage includes the whole body. The duration of the massage is 60 minutes. The possibility of an additional charge for services such as hammam, peeling or a relaxing whipping procedure.


Full banya procedure

A unique experience that you can only experience in a real banya sauna. A true touch of nature, regeneration and harmony with nature. This procedure includes whisk massage, peeling, meditative relaxation, hammam, application of hot whisks, steaming of herbs and incense, classic massage, wraps and hot tea. The procedure takes 60-90 minutes. In summer, it is supplemented with so-called fluting (the sauna master takes you to our pool where he swings you in his hands in the uplifting water and pleasantly "turns you off". In the winter season, we will prepare a fur wrap for you and a lullaby in our hammock in the fresh air under the stars accompanied by a didgeridoo.


Booking and requesting an appointment for a given service

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