Would you like a unique sauna event in your wellness center? We have our concept for you.


- All-day sauna event focused on natural ceremonies including contact ceremonies.

- Possibility to include in the program a specialty between saunas, the Norwegian Badstue (ceremony lasting 60-120 minutes, very relaxing and slow sauna with lower temperatures and oxygen supply).

- During the day-long event, we will prepare 8-10 ceremonies for you:

- 6-8 natural ceremonies accompanied by steaming of herbs, contact stroking of brooms (oak, linden, birch, eucalyptus), incense burners and music relaxation.

- 1-2x peeling procedure in a sauna or steam room.

- 1x private whisking procedure.

- in addition to the main ceremonies of the entire Natural Sauna team (i love sauna team), everyone will perform their "signature" ceremony separately.

- Event invitation through all our channels and profiles.

- Photo report from the event on Saunamagazin.cz

- We recommend paying a fee for private whisk treatments, peeling treatments and Norwegian baths.

- The price of a one-day event is from 200€ for a sauna master. The price does not include the journey or the amount of whisks, herbs, or peeling. When ordering the entire Natural Sauna / I love sauna team, the price is 800€ for the entire team and the costs of the event.