Do you want the professional experience of sauna masters in the field of whisk and herbal ceremonies for your wellness or sauna center? We have the most effective training for your staff.

training and workshop


This is not a classic training method, but primarily an intensive education and workshop where everyone goes through all three phases (theory, dry part of practice, practical part in the sauna) and learns everything practically.

From classic trainings or courses, we practice the method of self-testing and immediate analysis of the practice. Thanks to this method, the training is not only more intensive, but above all meaningful and richer in knowledge of methods in practice


The training consists of 3 phases:

⁃ 1. Theory

⁃ 2. Dry part of practice

⁃ 3. Practical part in the sauna

Graduates will receive:

⁃learning script for subsequent recapitulation.

⁃ Each graduate and the entire center will receive a certificate of training of sauna masters in this industry (the center will receive it in PDF including dimensions for social networks)

⁃ The possibility to contact anyone from our group regarding an additional explanation of the material or personal practical methods


The trained center will receive:

⁃ the possibility of additional retraining courses (including whisk procedures and banya procedures) for other centers or subsequent seasons.

⁃ Publication on our social networks, including a report on regarding the training of sauna masters in the given field.

⁃ Premium prices for the delivery of herbs, whisks and scrubs from

- Premium prices for the supply of functional linen clothing for sauna masters from

⁃ Option to order our special event BANYA DAY or NATURAL SAUNA with a 30% discount

The training includes:

⁃ Learning how to make your own infusions, macerates and fumigants

⁃ Handling of exhaust fumes

⁃ Production of whisks and herb bundles

⁃ Maintenance and frugality regarding herb bundles

⁃ Technique of steaming panicles and herbs

⁃ The correctness of the preparation of dipping the whisks

⁃ Basics of banya culture

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