Sauna massage

Do you want to experience unique relaxation and at the same time the most intensive correction of muscles and back?

We have for you the old banya method of massage from the 13th century.

We perform the massage directly in our banya sauna in the Czech paradise.

The sauna is heated to 40-50°C for pleasant muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation, thanks to which your body, especially muscles and skin, can detoxify (get rid of deposited toxins).

For better warming up of your muscles, we apply hot brooms (oak, linden, birch, eucalyptus).

The massage includes the whole body and this is because of the restoration of the body's blood circulation to all muscles.

The duration of the massage is 60 minutes, unless, according to the sauna master's opinion, more is needed or if you yourself do not require more care.

The possibility of paying extra for services such as hammam (foam bath in the sauna), whole body peeling or a relaxing whipping procedure.

Compared to classic massage, our sauna massage has a great advantage in its intensity. While in a classic massage the masseur has to massage your stiff muscles for a long time to loosen them before deep muscle massaging, in a sauna massage you can use the surrounding heat and thermally accumulated benches to warm you up.

In the case of very stiff or shortened muscles, the benefits of "hot" sauna whisks can be used. Thanks to their moisture, they better accumulate heat inside themselves, which they then transfer to your muscles. This method is one of the greatest benefits of the banya procedure and its magical power in helping sore, stiff and strained muscles.

One of the last but not least benefits of this type of massage is increased humidity to open your skin pores and detoxify the entire organism thanks to the heat and inhalation of steamed herbs.

During the entire procedure, the sauna master supplies you with fresh air in the sauna several times and, if necessary, supplements your drinking regimen with black tea.

After the procedure, we will leave you wrapped in sheepskin directly in the sauna to complete relaxation and your mental rest.